The Silesian String Quartet has existed continuously since 1978. The ensemble’s musicians have honed their craft in master classes led by  members of such quartets as LaSalle, Amadeus, Juilliard, Smetana, Alban Berg and others. The Quartet’s repertoire consists of over 400 chamber pieces, with around 300 of them representing works from the musical canon of the 20th and 21st-centuries. The chamber musicians of Silesia have premiered over 100 string quartets by Polish and foreign composers, with a significant number of  works dedicated to them.

Current members of the Silesian String Quartet:

Szymon Krzeszowiec - 1st violin
Arkadiusz Kubica - 2nd violin
Łukasz Syrnicki - viola
Piotr Janosik - cello


20 March 2019

The 2019 Fryderyk Award

The Fryderyk Classical Music Award for the best recording of the Polish music goes to Silesian Quartet and Friends.  Thank you Friends: Wojciech Świtała, Małgorzata Wasiucionek, Krzysztof Lasoń, Polish Cello Quartet.  Thank you also to: B...  


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Festival Silesian String Quartet and Guests

festiwal-homeThe Silesian String Quartet has been organising the International Chamber Music Festival Silesian String Quartet and Guests since 1993. The Festival has a unique format – the audience is treated to chamber pieces for string quartet and other instruments, and hence also to guest soloists, who perform together with the musicians of the Silesian String Quartet. Each year, the Festival also has a main theme.



Zbigniew Bargielski - Kwartety Smyczkowe

Pokolenie Stalowowolskie

Aleksander Tansman - Tombeau De Chopin - Od Tria Do Oktetu Vol.2

Augustyn - Do Ut Des - Music For And With Quartet

Stanisław Krupowicz - Tylko Beatrycze - Kwartet Smyczkowy I Komputer


Kwartety Smyczkowe - Poland Abroad

Tansman - Od Tria Do Oktetu Vol.1

Andrzej Krzanowski In Memoriam

Henryk Mikołaj Górecki - Kwartety Smyczkowe

Helena Tulve - Lijnen

Andrzej Dziadek - Selected Works

Aleksander Lasoń - I, III, VII Kwartet Smyczkowy

Aleksander Lasoń - V, VI Kwartet Smyczkowy

Paweł Szymański - Muzyka Kameralna

Witold Lutosławski / Witold Szalonek


Andrzej Krzanowski / Andrzej Panufnik

Ernest Chausson